10 Things That I Love From KDrama “Marriage, Not Dating”


I’m going to be selfish this time. I don’t care if you have never watched this drama (WELL, NOW YOU HAVE TO), I’m not even going to explain the complete review and give rating like I always did in my other posts, I WILL SPOIL THE GOOD PARTS OF THE DRAMA HERE AND THERE, and no, I don’t care if my grammar confused you.

You see, I need to write this post in english – just this one – because I want everyone, from all over the world – including extraterrestrial life –Β  to read my post and watch this drama ASAP, so I could have many friends to share the euphoria and pain of being in love with this human-written story plot and fictional characters.

I just finished the last episode of my (currently) #1 favorite korean drama of all time, and now I’m in a denial stage. I don’t want this drama to end. I want to live inside it. I want to be part of it. I want… I want….

I want to erase all of my memories from these past 3 days so I could re-watch the whole 16 episodes and be amazed by it once again.

I NEED LACUNA INC! (watch Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind).

T-T *be right back, trying to fit myself into the computer screen, just like what Sadako did in that horror movie*

Oh well, life must go on. I want to wake up tomorrow and be able to do my job properly (without clicking random episode once in a while and end up ignoring my to do list), so right now, I need to get it out of my system.

So here’s my list, 10 things that I love from “Marriage Not Dating” :



This drama tells about about a girl named Joo Jang Mi who really wants to get married because she didn’t like to be alone and because she can’t wait to build her own family (since her parent’s marriage is a mess). She asked her boyfriend (at the time) Lee Hoon Dong to marry her, but turned out her perfect boyfriend don’t want to ties the knot just yet. Hoon Dong, with the help of his BFF, Gong Ki Tae, tried to escape from Jang Mi, unfortunately caused a big harm in Jang Mi’s feelings and life, resulted in reporting Jang Mi as a stalker.

But things happened, a bit miscommunication and a touch of fate, Gong Ki Tae’s mother thought that Jang Mi was his girlfriend (and clearly doesn’t know that Jang Mi is arrested on charges of stalking at that time), and asked Ki Tae to introduce his girlfriend to the family or he’ll have to leave the apartment that he lived at the time. Gong Ki Tae, who’s not in relationship with anyone and really not interested in getting married with anyone and wants to live alone forever in his favorite apartment (see the cute combination of couple?), have to find a way to against his hard-headed and manipulative mother.

Ki Tae, who helped Jang Mi as a witness in her ‘stalker’ trial, decided to ask Jang Mi as his fake girlfriend in return, deliberately encouraged her to show the most inappropriate behaviour in front of his mother and family so they would reject Jang Mi as daughter-in-law, so he don’t have to get married to anyone in the future (because whenever his family bring the marriage topic to the table, Ki Tae will tell them that he don’t want to marry anyone else but Jang Mi – but hey, remember? you don’t like her, you’re the one who’s being difficult, not me, so you can’t insist me to anything else and yes, I f*cking get the apartment.)

It supposed to be a one-time scheme, but apparently, their fake relationship was dragged for quite a long time because Ki Tae’s mother didn’t easily give up, she even proceed to organize his son’s wedding preparation with Jang Mi, despites Jang Mi’s crazy behaviour. The weird situation gave Ki Tae and Jang Mi enough chances to interact and know each other better, and you know, the rest is history πŸ˜‰

#TWO: Yeon Woo Jin as Gong Ki Tae, the lead male character.

Yeon Woo Jin (don’t you think he sligthly resembles Hikaru Sulu?) as Gong Ki Tae

I’m going to be honest, Yeon Woo Jin isn’t the most handsome korean actor that you could find in the dramaland. Seriously, I’m not a big fan of Lee Min Ho or Jang Geun Suk, but I admit that those two are eye-candy and he (YWJ) isn’t quite so, but Woo Jin’s acting skill is admirable.

I first seen him in 2012’s KDrama : Arang and the Magistrate, and his role as Joo Wal, one of those villain characters that actually quite nice, but circumstances and fate and unfortunate events made him do vicious things, and how the character always had this never ending inner battle between good and evil – like, he don’t want to be a bad person , but he had no choice – made me in love with him instantly. I also read a lot of nice reviews from his (YWJ) previous roles (Ojakgyo Brothers, Secret Love, Just Friends?) and believe me, yes, he could act.

Don’t get me wrong when I said that YWJ is not an eye-candy. I mean, I fancy him (mainly his acting skill). I love how he portrays Gong Ki Tae – the introverted rich bachelor with big commitment issues and attitude problems – but he did this a lot :

calling for exorcism!

Somebody please tell him to stop rolling-up his eyeballs before his eyelids are completely closed. Please?

#THREE : Han Groo as Joo Jang Mi, the lead female character.

Han Groo ( a bit Yoona-ish in this pic) as Joo Jang Mi

This is my first Han Groo drama, and I must say that I’m not dissapointed. Joo Jang Mi is a typical romcom’s heroine : struggling with money, cheerful, sincere and kind. But the script made the character so strong with detailed background story,Β  and Han Groo represents her role as Joo Jang Mi with such a bizarre expressions that I can’t seem to forget. She’s so crazy and funny, and spontaneous, this meme says it all :


Β This girl is very entertaining, and I couldn’t wait to see Han Groo’s next drama.





Like all korean drama, Ki Tae and Jang Mi has love enemy, and in this case, they also develops as their best friends, the one who cares and help for each other, no matter how painful it is. My most memorable friendship scene in the drama is when Hoon Dong and Jang Mi crying together (eps 12). As you already know, they are former lover (and Hoon Dong been nothing but a jerk to Jang Mi before), but at that episode, Jang Mi is in fake relationship with Ki Tae (Hoon Dong’s BFF) and Hoon Dong (stupidly) impregnated Jang Mi’s BFF, Hyun Hee. Jang Mi also lost his job (because of Ki Tae), her parents want a divorce, and she’s secretly falling in love with Ki Tae but she’s being complicated about it, and Hoon Dong is a bit nervous because he’s going to marry Hyun Hee, and will become a dad in less than a year, but even he’s not sure that he would be a good father to his child (you know, with his coward trait and lousiness). They confess their problem to each other and end up crying together, even mocking and encouraging each other to be strong. AND I LOVE IT. Thank you to scriptwriter team, I love you, this scene is awesome and sweet and funny and wrapped my heart in fuzzy warmness that made me cry/laugh along with Jang Mi and Hoon Dong. They’re cute.

“Oh my God, why do you live such pathetic life? I want you to be happy, Jang Mi, and I’m not sure I could be a good dad and husband. I want to spend all the cents that I earned for myself~” – Lee Hoon Dong



It’s not just about love and friendship, this drama also speaks a lot about family matters, mainly about marriage, and I love how the story reveals all the flaws and benefits of marriage life without giving too much high expectations into it. The message was clear, if you get to marry a person, you can’t ask for an eternal happiness because things change, feelings could fade, money could be a problem, and gazillion sad things (that you never imagined before) could fall upon you. But if you think it’ll be worth it, give it a try, and keep trying, fix the broken part together, keep talking (even is just fighting or meaningless conversation), give your best. If you love each other, you’ll never stop trying.

At the end of story, Ki Tae’s parents divorced and Jang Mi’s parents stays together (but still fighting all the time). But Jang Mi and Ki Tae are in love with each other so much, they become more mature and realized that they are not their parents, and they know that their relationship is worth the try. They didn’t promise each other that they’ll be together forever, or none of them will betrayed each other’s trust in the future. They decided to be simple and live in the now.

I love you and I don’t know that I could trust you, but I want to trust you. I love you and I don’t know whether we’ll be happy or not if we get married, but I want to be happy with you. Those kind of things. And IT’S SWEET! T-T


Romantic Comedy (romcom) is one of the most common genre in KDrama. But almost every romcom korean drama starts with a hilarious opening and ends up in a more serious/mellow tone. But this drama, successfully carried the funny parts all throughout the story. I had a considerable good amount of laughs in every episodes, even the ending scene made me smile from ear to ear because is so perfect and approriate for a romantic comedy drama :D.

I mean, where you could find a drama that tells a story about a heroine that shit her pants and (accidentally) let the lead male character smell the foul odor? I don’t know about you but this is my first. And I love it. I love all the unpretentious and absurd moments of this drama :D.

no! not me! not while I’m being the lead female character! and especially not in front my soon-to-be-lover male character! I hate diarrhea!



Joo Jang Mi is the daughter of small restaurant’s owner who also sells liquor. Jang Mi is also depicted as a carefree girl who loves to drink liquor. Almost all of the drama’s episodes contains liquor; beer, wine, soju, all of them, and of course, every korean drama needs drunken character that unfold the plot’s progress. You know, the accidental kisses, hugs, confessions and so on that made us can’t stop to watch even further.

One of my favorite character (when drunk) is Gong Ki Tae. He’s usually strict and rigid, but when he’s drunk, he’s the cutest human ever. He’ll call Joo Jang Mi in a very childish way that it sounds like this : ZUZANGMIH?. There are also numerous scenes that shows Joo Jang Mi carrying drunken Gong Ki Tae on her back (not the other way around). I LOVE THEM!




This drama used so much sound effects. Like, a lot of it. There’s a special sound when they poke each other, there’s a sound when they peeking or secretly glancing, when they sending signals, there’s a sound for everything, like ‘bboing bboing’ or ‘uh oh’. But it’s not annoying (at least not for me), I think is quite appropriate for a romcom drama, and that’s what made this drama even more unique.


Gong Ki Tae has an aquarium full of ornamental fishes, and there’s this scene when Jang Mi visited Ki Tae’s apartment and called one of Ki Tae’s clown fish with “Nemo” (I assume that everyone already watched ‘FINDING NEMO’ or at least known a bit about it?). At that time, Ki Tae sarcastically teased Jang Mi that not all clown fish called “Nemo”. But, on the next episode, on Jang Mi’s second visit (in her drunkest state), Jang Mi (who’s also hungry) tried to catch the clown fish (to cook and eat it), and accidentally dropped the poor fish to the ground.

At that time, Ki Tae hysterically screamed on top of his lungs : “NEMOO!!!”

And Jang Mi giggled stupidly while responding : “WOW! YOU REALLY NAMED IT ‘NEMO’!”

I never laugh that hard while watching a drama.

Best couple ever.

you’re reek of alcohol and you tried to eat my precious Nemo!



Almost anything with good music will stole my heart, but a superb drama with beautiful soundtracks is just beyond perfect. There’s this background sound that always pop-out whenever one of the characters about to do something crazy/silly/stupid (which is, almost all the time) and it stucked in my head from the first time I heard it :

But my favorite is this song, “Love Lane” by Mamamoo :


πŸ˜€ Well, that’s all, I hope this post will inspire you to watch “Marriage Not Dating” and I wish that you will like it as much as I do ;).

sweetest drama couple ever! *I’m being biased here*


*singing “Love Lane” in gibberish because I can’t speak Korean*


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      1. Nyari dvd bajakan dimana cynnnn dimariiiih? Wkwkwk. Mo streaming/donlod pun, kami masih mengalami kelangkaan wifi. DVD Ojakgyo ku blm tuntas kutonton di Sby n ga brani mo bw kemari, kuatir ketauan di imigrasi πŸ˜‰

        1. aaiiiigooo sayang banget padahal bagus, lho T-T. Kudoakan semoga rezeki wifi lekas lancar :D. Kalau one day ternyata jadi nonton, colek2 dong, butuh temen ngobrol :)) *ngenes*

      1. Udh selese dr semingguan lalu sih nontonnya. Skrg lg ngikutin fated to love you sama its okay its love. Dan lagi scanning drama2 lain yang oke.
        Konyol bgt sih ama mereka berdua. Spoiler yg muncul di awal episode jg jadi bikin penasaran n bertanya2 sama alur ceritanya. Seruuuu lah pokoknya.

        1. hihihi iya nih aku juga penasaran sama Fated to Love You sama It’s Okay, It’s Love, tapi mau nunggu ampe komplit aja dulu :D. Ah iyaaa mereka lucu bangett T-T, masih gak rela nih udah tamaattt T-T

  1. Aku lumayan pingin nonton ini, tapi epi 1-nya *agak* ngilfilin.. Hm.. nanti kalau mood sudah membaik kayaknya mau coba lagi πŸ˜€

      1. Sebenarnya kayaknya sih lumayan, cuma ya gitu dehh secara gak seberapa ngerti mereka ngomong apa, jadi pasti ngaruh banget ke effect “first impression” nya di aku nya (haduuuh ini si masyita ngomong apaan sih gak jelas, saya aja bingung T—-T). Maap ya Manda, biasa makin malam makin ngacok. Yang jelas emang lagi butuh juga emang yg seger2 soalnya lagi coba nonton Reset-nya Chun Jung Myung pusyiiing pusyiiing topiknya berat gak ngerti omongannya 😦

        1. :)) emang drakor favorit yang udah pernah ditonton apa? cari aja genre yang mirip2 atau pemain yang sama :P. Ini juga aku lagi nonton drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” yang katanya bagus, tapi episode2 awalnya agak aneh :))

          1. Aduu aku yg berkesan dikit padahal lumayan banyak nonton huhu…! Yang suka banget tuh sampe berasa CINTA tuh Capital Scandal Manda.. huhu.. Itu drama jadul, KBS 2007. Keren bingitz deh! Apalagi kalau nontonnya jaman dulu :D. Yang lumayan baru yg aku suka: Gentleman’s Dignity sama Nine πŸ˜€

            Yang udah aku tonton: http://mydramalist.com/dramalist/ranchy

            Kalau nonton karena ngikutin pemainnya suka kecewa, untung2an huhu..
            Iya aku juga niat nonton itu yg si It’s Okay. Sama yg niat juga Reply 1997 / 1994.

            Kalau untuk drakor si buat aku yg penting dia gak fokus ke romance, kecuali romance-nya unik/asik, gak tipikal drakor.. hihihihihi

            1. wkwkwkwk aku sama sekali ga berpikir kalau nontonnya dikit kok, kalau udah ampe nulis blog in hangul gitu mana bisa dibilang beginner =))
              Wowww aku belum pernah nonton Capital Scandal. Gentlemen’s Dignity sering denger (tapi ga suka cowoknya jadi belum jadi2 nonton), Nine juga katanya bagus ya? (nah ini pengen banget) πŸ˜€

              Sebelum ketemu Marriage, Not Dating favoritku tuh King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo sih :P. Reply 1997 suka banget banget bangettt πŸ˜€

              Ooohh aku juga suka tuh yang drakor-nya ga cuma bahas romance tapi juga bahas karir/bidang yang disukain pemainnya. Tapi biasanya yang sering kayak gitu tuh dorama :D. Kalau Korsel, paling yang lumayan bahas bidang2 lain tuh (dan menurutku bagus) : Fermentation Family (seni membuat Kimchi), Personal Taste (arsitektur) sama Kim Tak Goo (Baking bread). πŸ˜€

            2. Iyaaa mulai nonton2 memang dari jaman dahulu kala. Dan aku sebenarnya memang gak seberapa suka drakor, cuma masalahnya tuh, aku udah jatuh cinta sama bahasanya sejak PERTAMA kali nonton drakor yg aku suka.. Jadi mau gak mau tetap ngikutin perkembangan drakor demi ngelatih listening (padahal ujung2nya terlena dengan subtitle *gubrakgulingguling*). Nanti kalau ada review bagus atau aku percaya sama aktornya baru coba tonton, hihi.

              Iya, emang lebih banyak pilihan drapang. Aku baru2 ini nonton Kekkon Dekinai Otoko hihi seneng banget gue. Terus Suzuki Sensei juga keren abiss. Yang sekarang lagi diikutin Amachan: aihh segarnya ngeliat si Rena Nounen, jadi ikut semangat rasanya πŸ˜€

              Hoo!! Aku lumayan sering direkomendasiin Personal Taste! Nanti aku coba nonton ah ahh..

            3. weisss kursus bahasa korea atau otodidak? πŸ˜€ asek dong bisa bahasanyaaa~. Drapang yang baru kutonton tuh zenkai girl :D, lumayan sih not bad. Kekkon Dekinai Otoko tampak menarik yaaa nanti coba dicek juga deh πŸ˜€

  2. Baru selesai nonton drama ini minggu kemarin, suka banget sama jalan ceritanya yang realistis dimana pernikahan itu ga selamanya indah2 aja.

    1. Berbayar apa enggak kurang paham sih ya. Tapi mereka di TV Cable gitu, stasiunnya namanya TVn, jadi mungkin awal2 rada kurang beken dibanding drakor lain gara2 itu sih πŸ˜› tapi sekarang kayaknya udah banyak yang suka *yay*

  3. Saya lagi males login blog ah… wkwkwkwk
    Hai mandhut…. udah lama aku gak komen di blogmu.

    Alasan gue benci banget sama marriage without dating yang ratingnya rendah karena dia tv berbayar :

    1. Marriage without dating itu jalan ceritanya ringan. (Kebanyakan tvn membuat jalan ceritanya layaknya sitcom yang tidak terlalu berat jalan ceritanya)

    2. Gue dateng ke salah satu temen gue yang dia juga pemain film tanah air. Dia satu kampus dengan gue. (Spoiler dikit biar ngerti) ceritanya gue dateng ke rumahnya buat latihan theater dan lo tau dia lagi nonton “MARRIAGE WITHOUT DATING”. Seketika, gue gak tau kalo dia begitu suka korea. Dan dia bilang “andai gue main film kaya begini sama jinwoo” *jeger* kaget sumpah

    3. Setiap adegannya dia menampilkan hal romantis dan membuat orang iri. Kemistri mereka masing2 pemain pun dapet.

    TAPI !!!!!


    1. Iya nih. TvN dramanya bagus2 lho, tahun ini drama2 tv berbayar lagi lumayan semua :D. Kira2 bakal bisa tayang di Indo gak ya? maksudnya biar makin gede gitu fan-basenya *fans yang baik, mikirin banget*

      Lo anak teater?? *termakan spoiler*.

      Udah nonton Misaeng belom? dari stasiun tv yang sama dan katanya bagus juga tuh πŸ™‚

  4. Wah aku lihat review ini setuju banget, dan ini drama yang bagus selain emergency couple dari tvN sumpah ini memnngingatkan kocaknya sprti drama full house:d dan aku gak nyesal beli kasetnya soalnya karakter pemainnya dapat semua, seperti jangmi yang sgt tulus dan tidak pendendam trus juga se ah yang egoisnya dapat banget dan misteriusnya yeorum dan juga hyun hee yang ingin memiliki dan diperhatikan dgn cara berbohong aaa pokoknya best drama deh!β™₯

    1. Paling favorit itu Hyun Hee sama Jang Mi deh, dari mantan gontok2an ampe jadi temen saling dukung *terharu*. Aku juga suka banget dramanyaaahhh, membekas di hati πŸ˜€ TvN emang lagi keren2 ya πŸ˜€

      Btw, thank you udah mampir dan komen πŸ˜€

  5. KAK MANDA TANGGUNG JAWABBBB!!!!!! After watching this drama in 2days omagah in 2days, and i really laugh terrrrrrrbahak bahak. Ga bisa berenti ngakak kalo inget kejadian kejadian lucu dari Gi Tae sama Jang Mi. (apalagi yg pas Jang Mi ee dicelana HAGHAGHAGHAG)
    Gimana dong aku jadi ketawa sendiri gini gimanaaaaaaaaaaa dong aku jadi pengen hidup dalam drama itu hihihihihi. btw thx buat rekomendasinya kak, jadi udah ngenalin mereka hahahahahaha.

      Emang kocak banget kan adegan Jang Mi yang itu, aku juga ngakaknya ga berenti2, aku ulang2 sampe puas. Tampang Gi Tae itu lho, kesian banget. Aku baru sekali itu liat adegan malu2in macam gitu di drakor =))
      Thanks udah komen buat ngabarin, seneng deh kalau suka juga ama dramanya. Langsung cari drama baru biar cepet move on πŸ˜‰ hihihi

      1. Pokoknya ya kak manda, itu ngebut drama korea tercepat dalam hidup aku, saking penasaran sama kisah Gi Tae sama Jang Mi, aku rela begadang sampe jam 4 subuh T_T Masih ngga rela nih mereka udah ending aja, knp ngga bisa spin-offnya ya settingnya pas abis nikah kyaaaaaaaaa produser tolong dong. *maksa abis*
        Drama apalagi ya kak yang seru kayak gini? Rekomendasinya dong yaaaaaa haha πŸ˜€
        Eh kak manda, postingin rekomendasi drakor 2014 dong yayayayaya *wink*

        1. buset emang nontonnya konsen ampe begadang gitu :)) Tapi aku suka endingnya masih lucuu, sesuai genre dari awal ampe akhir.
          aku sih baru aja selesai nonton misaeng :P, drama perkantoran gitu, tapi bagus bangeeettt.
          sippp, ditunggu ya rekomendasi drakor 2014-nya πŸ˜€

  6. aaa actually I’m agree with all of your post!
    so happy can found a person with same opinion about this drama!
    love this drama n I love you!

    tbh! I just watched this just for 2 days cause I can’t wait to see the next eps! but before I watched this, I guess discovery of romance is my fav but after seen this! OMG THIS DRAMA IS UNBELIEVABLE.

    I love all of in this drama. I love the cast, I love the plot, I love the jang mi fashion, I love the apartment of gong ki tae, etc

    first see the lead cast. I just guess who is he or she? not yet really popular if you compare with Lee minho, kim soo hyun ,jun jih hyun, suzy, park shin hye or anyone else. but tbh, I think gong ki tae is handsome, his face isn’t like Korean fav actor but I love his face, handsome n not mainstream. and also not make boring if you just look for a while.

    what again yeah!
    and also, although the rating in Korean was down But if you see the rangking of online watching in drama.go is high. is unbelievable too

    enough from me.
    sorry for bad English.
    n nice too meet you.
    I’m Hanifah from solo, Indonesia ^^

    1. Aaaaaaaaa welcome to the club! *hugs*

      Wow, you watched all the episodes in 2 days straight? I watched Discovery of Romance not long after I finished Marriage Not Dating. IMO, MND is the best among korean romcom drama. Period.

      You should see Yeon Woo Jin in kdrama “Arang and The Magistrate”, that drama made me fall in love with YWJ’s acting and his ‘unique’ handsome face :D. As for Han Groo, I heard that south korean have been calling her ‘Romcom Queen’ since her role in MND. I must agree because she fits the funny role without much efforts – she’s already a funny and cute person herself :D.

      I’d love to watch those two brilliant talents to be a couple in a drama/movie anytime soon. Or better, they should date each other in real life, don’t you think so?

      I’m struggling with my grammar. Sorry for that πŸ˜‰

      Nice to meet you too, Hanifah. Thank you for sending me a very heartwarming comment. Can’t wait for your next visit ;).

  7. I’ve just finished the last eps… I love it so much! Finally I try to find more information about this cutest film ❀ abd I found this post! You wrote exactly all every things I realized that I love this film wow I love Ki Tae and Jang Min so much moak. I also love this film coz i realized that sometime i have myself in, i found some meaningful story for me to believe in my life and believe in my love more and more ❀ ❀

    1. Hehehe welcome to the club! The minute I finished watching it, Marriage Not Dating instantly become my favorite rom-com korean drama of all time πŸ˜€ Glad to know that you’re also a fan of Jang Mi and Gi Tae. They’re so cute together, I can’t wait to see them casted as a couple again in a future! πŸ˜€

      Can’t agree more, this drama aren’t just epically funny, but also contains lots of wiseful thougts to live by πŸ˜€

  8. asli, MND drama favorit aku banget. gak bs move on huhuhu. apalagi liat yeon woo jin meranin gong gi tae pas banget. yeon woo jin itu muka ganteng nya beda. gimana ya jelasin nya. pokoknya lebih suka muka kayak yeon woo jin drpada tipe muka aktor ganteng yg terkenal

    1. yeon woo jin aktingnya bagus soalnya πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ *belain woo jin banget*, udah nonton woo jin di drama Arang and the Magistrate belon? disana dia juga bagus. sageuk sih, but not bad lah. Kalau drama terbarunya yeon woo jin yang divorce lawyer in love, katanya bagus juga tuh (belum nonton) πŸ˜€

  9. Telat nonton ini, saya baru nonton agutus 2015, ni drama emang daebak. Susah move onnya, ditambah lagi OST nya membekas dihati…
    Karena susah move on akhirnya download drama baru, Oh my Ghost tvN juga, ternyata drama ini malah lebih susah move on nya…wkwkwkw
    Tvn memang oke , saya mulai suka sejak nnton misaeng, dilanjutkan nnton plus nineboy, reply 1997…

  10. Hai hai aku baru nonton Marriage Not Dating nih (telattt), setuju bgt ini lucunya nampol!! First time aku ntn sampe ngakak abis ^^, sedihnya pun kena jg pokoknya keren deh si Han Groo

    Btw ada yg tau gak backsound song yg selalu nongol pas ki tae di bar/lounge?
    Lagunya mellow gitu, aku cari ga nemu2 :l

    1. Heyheey, sori baru bales, yah πŸ˜€

      Hahahaha emang kocak mereka berdua, masih juara komedi ampe sekarang

      Wiihh udah lama banget nontonnya jadi udah rada2 lupa, ada yang bisa bantu? πŸ˜€

      Btw, thanks udah mampir dan baca πŸ˜‰

  11. Daebakkk!!!!Ya olloh,kemana aja guee smpe 2016 ini baru nonton!hahaaaa..

    TVn emg jagox drama2 brmutu..yg topikx ringan tp dekat dgn khidupan sehari2 jd nntonx gak khayalan bgt..

    Love Yeon Jin Woo yg udh bkin gue bpaling dr Eric Mun dan Seo Kang Joon..guantengx bkin pengen meritt..wkwkwkkk

    1. gapapa, mending telat ketimbang gak nonton sama sekali. hihihi. Bagus ya TvN… makin ke belakang tema drakornya emang makin unik nih, sesuai selera gue banget. Wwkwkwk emang husband material ya si yeon itu hihihi

  12. Aku baru tau kalo ada drama ciamik soro hahahaha *roaming
    Ada rekomendasi drama romkom yg mirip gak kak manda? minimal tingkat kelucuanya setara πŸ™‚
    Lagi pgn nonton yg bisa bikin ketawa2

  13. Waah…ini drama kocak abis *telatbingit ya baru nonton πŸ˜€ hehehheh
    Ada recomendasi drama lucu yang serupa gak kak manda …???

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