My MBTI Test Results,

 Please read this post also. You are amazing!

Psychology is one of my favorite topics and I am (officially) addicted to every kind of psychological test. From MBTI, 4 temperaments, all through Kokology, I tried it all, and MBTI test (established by Myers Brigg – I believe she/he is the professor of psychology every psychology student knew about) is the one that I took the most.

There’s a reason for why I am willing to diligently answer all the oh-so-many MBTI questions, though. I took the test several times since I was a sophomore in college (that’s more than 10 years before now) and I found that my test results have varied through time. First, I was declared as an ENFP (the happy-go-lucky extroverts who talks too much — based on my self-assessment about myself). I could relate so much to this explanation of ENFP from Heidi Priebe :

When an ENFP says they love you, you can guarantee their heart is turning a thousand miniature cartwheels every time you enter the room. The thought of you drives them wild and their ‘I love you’ roughly translates to ‘My heart is basically BURSTING OUT OF MY CHEST every time I think about you, which is approximately all of the time.’

If only you know how many mini heart-attacks I used to suffer every time my college crush pass my way. T-T

Then LIFE HAPPENED (caps and bold – I had to do it, I just had to), and my MBTI result came out as an INFP (the introvert who daydreams a lot, probably only eats pixie dust, but hey, nobody told me that pixie dust carried that much fat *sarcasm alert*). I literally changed from super-extrovert to super-introvert, a fact that I couldn’t immediately digest at that time, for everyone has known me for my cheerful and bouncy personality (hey, I am ENFP), and suddenly I’m a little ball of sadness that screams sorrow and agony everywhere I go (I’m not saying that every INFP is sad, I have been going through some sort of immense psychological problem at the time, so it’s probably just me).

taken from pinterest

Some of my friends were so thrown away by my behavior shift, they just can’t connect with me like the way we used to connect before, so the relationship slowly faded away. Looking back, I admit that I did nothing to prevent the breakups, I was so messed up; there was nothing I could do to rebuild the bond between us anyway. I had to do what I had to do: become a better person and d*mn, that enlightenment journey everyone’s talking about is far from smooth.

And then years went by, the once dependent-drama-queen has finally mastered solitude (the dramatic flair stays, though), learned the importance of self-respect, acquired some handy skills along the way, experienced sadness and joy, met deadlines, set boundaries, and here’s my latest MBTI result: INFJ.

It was said that INFJ is the rarest of all the 16 personality types (I feel like a cast in a fantasy movie who’ve gone for thousand years and came back as a super-powered demigod, kinda like Aang, although I want to get the ‘yipyip’ pet the most, what’s the name? Appa?). Apparently, I am now described as the contradictive soul who possesses two kinds of opposite feelings at the same time. I want to be close to people, but I also don’t want to. Tranquil, but loud inside. The most logical among all the feelers. The feeler among logic thinkers. I am sort of personality-shifter too, for it was also noted that INFJs are able to display a different kind of personalities — depending on with whom they are interacting with.

Go figure. (pic is taken from pinterest)

It’s pretty confusing, both the description and the fact that I did experience some kind of contradictive feelings at times. There are countless moments when I became a talkative person in front of the introverts (because I need to make them talk, for the sake of work), but mostly I preferred to be the observer, letting the extroverts do their job.

The most confusing of all things is the fact that I could somehow ‘summon’ my former MBTI results, like, I would be an ENFP one day (my blog is predominantly filled with my ENFP-ish writings, especially the ones under ‘dodol’ category), inevitably changed into my INFP persona the next day (when I’m working on my novel draft or illustration, or when I’m so mellow I couldn’t help but to write a sad blog post — so sad it almost feels like a death note), suddenly felt all the dilemmas, the need for fixed schedule but also a spontaneous trip, and that means I am back as an INFJ again.

Nowadays, my MBTI result is alternately defined as INFJ/INFP. I decided to stick with the “INFJ/INFP/ENFP” answer whenever the question of my MBTI type arises (which is rarely happened, usually I’m the one who’s asking that kind of question).

Good random news: I also adopt a new skill: guessing a person’s MBTI result without asking the test questions. All I have to do is observe the way you react when you got into a tight deadline, how you deal with critics, how you eat, how you speak, the topic you often mentioned in a conversation, how you respond to rejection and praises, and I will somehow be able to determine your personality spectrum. The skill is only applied to people who I have known and constantly interact for quite some time, though (at least 3 months of daily encounters for bullseye readings). I have tried it with friends and family and my prediction is 85% accurate. I probably not the only one with the ability, but I’m so proud of this, I don’t know why.

Most of the time, I had to remind myself about what kind of information I need to pretend to forget about, because I actually remember everything people (that I care about) told me. Their birthday, their sister’s birthday, their first pet, their dreams, allergies, their mom’s side job, favorite snacks, their quirks and turn-offs. Sometimes, they don’t have to tell me anything, my brain will automatically register those kinds of fact. I am that much of an observer. It is scary because I have to be careful with my words and jokes, I’m afraid that if they’d found out how much I knew about them, they would think that I’m a crazy stalker. Don’t get me wrong, I am equally crazy, but I am not a stalker :D. (pic is taken from pinterest)

Oh well, me and my obsession in psychology. Have you taken the MBTI test? What is your result? I want to knooowww 😀

Maybe an INFJ, maybe not,


12 thoughts on “My MBTI Test Results,

      1. Wkwkwk lamak benneuuuur…. aku mah taunya: “Aku sih YES. Gak tau deh Mas Anang gimanah…..” #eeaaaa Sakses bener Mas Anang jd seleb. Kondang dijadiin meme.

  1. Hallo Ka Manda 🙂
    Sudah beberapa lama ini jadi pembaca senyap di blog ini.
    Alasan jadi silent reader?
    Jawab: ya aku malu aja mau isi komentar dan talk to you hehehe.
    Dan ya.. aku udah berapa kali ikut tes itu di 16personalities dan hasilnya selalu jadi “Mediator”
    Yes.. Aku INFP Ka dan gatau knp antara ngakak sama sedih aja baca deskripsi ttg INPF which is So right and i can relate hahahaha
    Sad but true -.- T.T

    1. Hallooo, sorry banget baru buka2 blog lagi sejak terakhir posting. Makasih ya udah komeeeen. wkwkwk iya aku juga pas baca fakta2 soal INFP agak2 tertohok mau ngakak gimana gitu ^^; ini sekarang aku gonta-ganti aja, kadang INFP kadang INFJ 😀

      1. gpp ka santai aja 🙂
        urwell kaka!
        tertohok mau ngakak? hahahaa gimana tuh maksudnya?
        well kaka sama kaya temen aku
        dia suka gonta ganti gitu antara INFP atau INFJ
        tapi aku udah beberapa kali tes INFP terus
        sedih hahahaa

        1. hahaha karena ada beberapa yang terlalu bener :)). Lah kenapa sedih, INFP is as good as other type kok :D. Sensitifnya bikin lancar banget kalo mau berkarya. 😀

  2. I am INFP. The kind that hide the feelings and hate confrontation so much. Btw have you try Enneagram? So happy to read your writings again!

    1. I have tried Enneagram about 2 or 3 years ago, but I can’t seem to remember the result :D. I probably type 9 or 2, but I have to retake the test to know for sure. Thank you for your comment, sorry for the late response. 😀

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