A Very Self-Centered Blog Post

Minggu yang sedikit berat.

Berbulan-bulan semuanya lancar, namun beberapa bulan belakangan mulai sedikit ada ombak2. Sampai akhirnya minggu lalu mulai ada sedikit identity crisis. Pertanyaan2 yang kalo didenger bikin malu macam: “Apa ini yang gue mau?” mulai muncul di kepala, dan itu mulai agak ganggu.

Dan kerikil2 lainnya yang gak bisa gue sebutkan satu-persatu ūüėÄ

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Someone in the Crowd

Masih tergila-gila sama ost La La Land yang satu ini, sampe2 girang banget pas nemu lagunya di invis ^^ hohohoo~

Someone in the crowd
Could be the one you need to know
The one to finally lift you off the ground

Someone in the crowd could
Take you where you wanna go
If you’re the someone ready to be found

(“Someone in the Crowd” – original soundtrack of “La La Land” the movie by La La Land casts: Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno & Jessica Rothe)

*ngiri sama Tracy yang baju merah*




Position Needed: Someone Who Would Listen

Position Needed: Someone Who Would Listen!

With an attention span limited to only around 8 seconds (less than goldfish, according to an article by The Telegraph), we could say that humans nowadays are everything but a listener. Our world has become so hectic and fast, the idea of sitting together to talk about our virtue and sorrow becomes so unattainable–almost magical. Things that could have been said in person is shifted to a mere phone call. Things that could have been told through a phone call is shifted to an exchange of e-mails. Things that could have been conveyed in written words is shifted to a shorter chat texts. And what could have been expressed today is shifted to tomorrow, next week, next month — most likely will end up as a forgotten plan.

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