Position Needed: Someone Who Would Listen

Position Needed: Someone Who Would Listen!

With an attention span limited to only around 8 seconds (less than goldfish, according to an article by The Telegraph), we could say that humans nowadays are everything but a listener. Our world has become so hectic and fast, the idea of sitting together to talk about our virtue and sorrow becomes so unattainable–almost magical. Things that could have been said in person is shifted to a mere phone call. Things that could have been told through a phone call is shifted to an exchange of e-mails. Things that could have been conveyed in written words is shifted to a shorter chat texts. And what could have been expressed today is shifted to tomorrow, next week, next month — most likely will end up as a forgotten plan.

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My MBTI Test Results,

 Please read this post also. You are amazing!

Psychology is one of my favorite topics and I am (officially) addicted to every kind of psychological test. From MBTI, 4 temperaments, all through Kokology, I tried it all, and MBTI test (established by Myers Brigg – I believe she/he is the professor of psychology every psychology student knew about) is the one that I took the most.

There’s a reason for why I am willing to diligently answer all the oh-so-many MBTI questions, though. I took the test several times since I was a sophomore in college (that’s more than 10 years before now) and I found that my test results have varied through time. First, I was declared as an ENFP (the happy-go-lucky extroverts who talks too much — based on my self-assessment about myself). I could relate so much to this explanation of ENFP from Heidi Priebe :

When an ENFP says they love you, you can guarantee their heart is turning a thousand miniature cartwheels every time you enter the room. The thought of you drives them wild and their ‘I love you’ roughly translates to ‘My heart is basically BURSTING OUT OF MY CHEST every time I think about you, which is approximately all of the time.’

If only you know how many mini heart-attacks I used to suffer every time my college crush pass my way. T-T

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10 Things That I Love From KDrama “Marriage, Not Dating”


I’m going to be selfish this time. I don’t care if you have never watched this drama (WELL, NOW YOU HAVE TO), I’m not even going to explain the complete review and give rating like I always did in my other posts, I WILL SPOIL THE GOOD PARTS OF THE DRAMA HERE AND THERE, and no, I don’t care if my grammar confused you.

You see, I need to write this post in english – just this one – because I want everyone, from all over the world – including extraterrestrial life –  to read my post and watch this drama ASAP, so I could have many friends to share the euphoria and pain of being in love with this human-written story plot and fictional characters.

I just finished the last episode of my (currently) #1 favorite korean drama of all time, and now I’m in a denial stage. I don’t want this drama to end. I want to live inside it. I want to be part of it. I want… I want….

I want to erase all of my memories from these past 3 days so I could re-watch the whole 16 episodes and be amazed by it once again.

I NEED LACUNA INC! (watch Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind).

T-T *be right back, trying to fit myself into the computer screen, just like what Sadako did in that horror movie*

Oh well, life must go on. I want to wake up tomorrow and be able to do my job properly (without clicking random episode once in a while and end up ignoring my to do list), so right now, I need to get it out of my system.

So here’s my list, 10 things that I love from “Marriage Not Dating” :

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