Our little souls will walk us home.

Jadi kapan itu ngeshare lagunya Nicole Zefanya (aka NIKI) di twitter yang judulnya¬†“Anaheim” boleh nemu di Spotify ūüėÄ (coba deh cari, bagus :D). Ada yang reply, katanya¬†suruh denger lagu NIKI yang lain, judulnya “Little Souls”, yang mana gak ada di Spotify, jadi gue harus cari di Youtube.

Hari ini mumpung inget, gue coba deh liat, dan ternyata suka banget. Liriknya itu lho. Baik Anaheim maupun Little Souls 22nya keren banget T-T.

Eight years old
We’re told: “You’re too young to unlearn how to smile and hate the world.”
Eight years from now on
You’ll forget the art of carefreeness and little girls

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Songs That Explain My Life

Hey halo,

Minggu lalu sempet ada obrolan sama temen tentang lagu apa yang lirik dan nadanya paling menggambarkan hidup kita masing2. Gue mikir mikir mikir dan akhirnya gue nemu beberapa, biarlah gue simpen di blog karena blog ini memang diciptakan dengan salah satu tujuannya adalah:

Memuaskan kebutuhan gue untuk menjadi self-centered.


Monggo yang mau bikin best song-nya juga, ditrackback aja, ntar akik baca2.

Best song that explained me:

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Forever a lost boy at last,

I’m a big fan of Peter Pan and his Neverland, but it’s not the plot that got me in the first place, it’s the fact behind the writing process of Peter Pan. It’s the heart-wrenching story about the writer, J.M Barrie and his love for the Davies–a family consists of a mother and 4 boys–a family that inspired Barrie to write a story about a boy who never gets old, Peter Pan.

Imagine how happy I am when I find this song:

There was a time when I was alone
Nowhere to go and no place to call home
My only friend was the man in the moon
And even sometimes he would go away too

Then one night, as I closed my eyes,
I saw a shadow flying high
He came to me with the sweetest smile
Told me he wanted to talk for awhile
He said, “Peter Pan. That’s what they call me.
I promise that you’ll never be lonely.”
And ever since that day…
I am a lost boy from Neverland
Usually hanging out with Peter Pan
And when we’re bored we play in the woods
Always on the run from Captain Hook
“Run, run, lost boy,” they say to me,
“Away from all of reality.”
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On the Most Broken of People inside,

Salah satu alasan kenapa gue udah hampir setahun ini tergila2 banget pake app Spotify: ada playlist discover weekly yang memungkinkan gue nemu lagu2 kayak gini :D.

You might hide it with that smile on your face,
But I see it in your eyes
I get this feeling that inside
There’ve been days you couldn’t smile no matter how hard you try
You paint over your emotions
Like a tragic work of art,
Though I don’t know¬†what you¬†been through,
I can feel your beating heart


This Ain’t about Love (This ain’t about love)
This Ain’t about Love
It’s the most beautiful smiles
On the most broken of people, Inside
It’s the most beatiful smiles
On the most broken of people, Inside

Well I know you get addicted to the things,
That take away the pain
But I’ll sit right there with you
‘Till the skys just fade into my heart
You paint over your emotions
Like a tragic work of art,
Thought I don’t know what you been through,
I can feel your beating heart


(“Ain’t About Love” – Jae Jin)

*badan diem, mulut rapat, kaki ketuk2 kiri kanan*