#MBC2019 Topic#2: On Appreciating People More

Baru sekali ini deh kayaknya bikin blogging challenge terus lupa, dan jadinya baru post lagi sebulan kemudian. =))

Tapi yaudah deh, timbang gak ada yekan.

Berhubung ini akhir tahun, jadi gue lagi dalam mode kontemplatif. Lagi mikir, tahun depan mau mencapai apa, mau nyoba hal baru apa.

1 tahun belakangan ini tuh, salah satu goal of the year gue adalah appreciate people around me more. Jadi, gue berusaha untuk memberanikan diri mengungkapkan apa yang gue sukai/hargai tentang orang lain di sekitar gue, tapi bukan empty praise ya, gak bertujuan untuk menjilat juga, lebih ke apa yang gue lihat, apa yang gue rasa, apa rasa terima kasih gue untuk mereka.

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The Power of Vulnerability

So I just wrote this post on my other blog. The post made me a bit in a dark mood, darker than usual. Then, I accidentally found the answer to my question (or should I say remedy?) about an hour after. Somebody’s up there must be paying attention so much because I had this kind of moment of posing a hard question in my head and having universe sending me the answer straight away a lot.

Or maybe I am that weird. I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s the summary, watch it if you’re interested. It’s worth it:

Vulnerability is the core of shame and fear, but also a birthplace of joy and connection 😀

Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. A talk to share.

An incredible storyteller indeed :D. A story: a research data with a soul. 😀

The Antigen Works!


noun: antigen; plural noun: antigens
  1. a toxin or other foreign substance that induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies.


Banyak hal bisa terjadi dalam setahun. Baru saja ‘lulus’ dari banyak hal yang gak ada ijazahnya, gak ada wisudanya, gak ada yang nonton dan ikut tepuk tangan juga. But I’ve never been this proud of myself before ^^

Puncaknya hari ini, I did something that I would never be brave enough to do it before.

I survived.

Demam dan sakit-sakitnya sudah lewat, antibodinya sudah ada dan terbukti bekerja dengan baik.

Saatnya istirahat sejenak sebelum kembali melangkahkan kaki dan belajar lagi 😀



Position Needed: Someone Who Would Listen

Position Needed: Someone Who Would Listen!

With an attention span limited to only around 8 seconds (less than goldfish, according to an article by The Telegraph), we could say that humans nowadays are everything but a listener. Our world has become so hectic and fast, the idea of sitting together to talk about our virtue and sorrow becomes so unattainable–almost magical. Things that could have been said in person is shifted to a mere phone call. Things that could have been told through a phone call is shifted to an exchange of e-mails. Things that could have been conveyed in written words is shifted to a shorter chat texts. And what could have been expressed today is shifted to tomorrow, next week, next month — most likely will end up as a forgotten plan.

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